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Designing  your own home from scratch? We can work with you to help you bring your dreams to life. 


Architectural Design focuses on both the aesthetic and function of a building structure. It works to create a space that flows whilst integrating a building with its surroundings. Working together we’ll work on what you want to achieve, based on the space you have, your aims, ideas, goals and budget.


We can help with everything from initial concepts and ideas through to selecting materials to suit your needs, sustainability goals and function and finding trusted contractors to help bring the design to life.

You can view our recent projects here



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If you already have designs in place from an architect or project of your own, we can draw up plans from initial concepts and help to bring your plans to life. 


Scott Ede Design operates on the latest AutoCad computer aided design (CAD) programs and we're consistently learning to keep up to date with the latest industry innovations.


We have solid relationships with local engineers and quantity surveyors in the region to provide additional consultancy support when required.  



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From small tweaks and changes to an existing build to complete renovations, extensions and additional buildings,  we can help you adapt and expand your property from concept through to build.


This could be anything from combining an existing historic building with a modern extension, elevating design standards, or improving thermal efficiency, through to adding self-contained Airbnb style accommodation to your existing property.



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If you are looking for full service project management of your build I can assist with everything from initial designs and concept drawings through to helping organized trusted contractors and suppliers to bring your project to completion.


If you are short on time and would prefer to have someone else take the reigns on the management of your renovation or build I can help whilst remaining in regular communication throughout the project.


This offers you the opportunity to be as involved as you like. Regular consultations will keep you fully informed of the project's progression and ensure you have a good handle on each stage of your build.



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Resource consent is the process of gaining approval for you to use a resource such as land. You'll need resource consent if you are planning to undertake any activity that doesn't comply with the district plan in your region.

It applies to jobs no matter how big or small. These can range from minor yard breaches of residential sections, through to rezoning of land. From rural to residential as an example. 

Resource consent involves considering the effects of your resource use on the surrounding environment and your community. Good planning and design should aim to reduce any potentially significant impacts your plans may have on both the natural and human environment. 


Resource consent can be a confusing and timely process, and so we are here to help. We can help you apply for resource consent to cover everything from small yard breaches, to multiple dwellings on one property. For the more complex applications we work closely with specialised planning consultants.




If you have a larger project, such as designing homes for an entirely new development, multiple sections or subdivision, we can help to design concept homes that keep a clear and consistent aesthetic whilst offering individuality based on the requirements of potential homeowners and investors.

We can also provide design guidelines for new developments to ensure that future buyers investments are maintained and a certain quality of design is upheld throughout the development.


Previous work of this nature has included designing One, Two and Three Bedroom homes for a 16 lot development. This project ensured consistent design that would appeal to both potential local buyers and property investors. 

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