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A builder's house is always a work in progress... This home on Hartley Court was designed by Scott Ede for himself and his young family. At first glance ‘something outside the box’ springs to mind. Scott has used sustainability and energy efficiencies as the principles behind the design, with the house laid out around a sloping spline wall running through the house. The house features plenty of eye-catching features based on a modern industrial style.


Built predominantly by himself over a period of 12 months (with some areas still requiring the finishing touches), this home uses recycled bricks from Christchurch’s earthquake damaged buildings, short lengths of cedar that would have otherwise gone to waste and rimu beams from the demolished Alexandra scout hall.


Sustainability was key to the design. Energy from the sun is stored in the polished concrete floors and solar system on the roof, designed to be 90% self sufficient over a 12 month period. Indoor / Outdoor flow was key to the design along with shelter from the wind during summer. The answer was a 3-sided covered area with a pizza oven fire. An entertainer’s paradise and a great place for making memories with the family…

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